As a Project Lead and experienced academic, I am struck by:

  • Caroline’s unwavering enthusiasm, commitment and ability to sensitively negotiate challenges, (both in the facilitation of learning and collaborative project management), particularly were the learning outcomes and related activities may present challenge to individual’s professional or personal integrity;
  • Caroline’s excellent ability to work with resistance, offering (underpinned with judicious selection of an informed evidence-base), pragmatic, solution-focussed strategies to inspire individuals to reflect, learn and develop;
  • Caroline’s informed ability to engage with an eclectic range of empowering and evidence-based teaching and learning methodologies, reflecting learner’s individual differences and preferred learning styles.

Collaborating with Caroline we have valued her outstanding collegiate approach, excellent negotiation skills and her truly authentic, visionary, and cathartic style. Caroline truly understands people, their worries, hopes and concerns, and role models an incredible passion for inclusiveness, justice and equanimity.

Maurice O'Brien

Lecturer (Adult Nursing Studies), Director of Staff Development, School Equality and Diversity Lead, School of Healthcare Sciences, Cardiff University


We brought Caroline in to the IWF to help us develop a Theory of Change which informed a major organisational restructure which took place over many months. Caroline’s approach was to involve everyone in the process from the Board, to the senior management team to the full staff body. This ensured that the end result had total buy in from everyone. She doesn’t shy away from dealing with challenging, difficult issues but instead, her approach demonstrates that these can be managed and delivered in a way that minimises the potential negative effects on the organisation as a whole and impact on staff morale.

Throughout the process Caroline also provided 1-2-1 mentoring for me as CEO. She was always available to talk to me and help me navigate my way through tough situations. She is without doubt one of the best practitioners in the field that I have ever worked with and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Caroline has become an essential part of my support system, so I am continuing to work with her as my mentor and she is also continuing to work with the whole organisation providing team building and facilitation as the new structure beds in.

Susie Hargreaves

Chief Executive Internet Watch Foundation

Caroline is confident ‘on her feet’ and can command the respect of an audience, groups of people and the most senior of individuals. She displays a strong sense of social purpose with a commitment to individuals and their communities, building strength and commitment to change. Caroline demonstrates a very strong values base with passion and an overwhelming respect for people as individuals. There’s a certain ‘magic’ about Caroline that draws you in and makes it easy for you to follow her.

Tracy Myhill

Chief Executive, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board

Caroline’s poise, approachability and passion for her subject (firmly embedded in a pragmatic real-world approach are backed up by a deep understanding. Her natural ability to project this, while generating the same level of engagement in return from her audience, is a true talent and she remains a role model I look up to for my own developing leadership style.

Ayla Holdom

Helicopter pilot, UK National Police

Caroline Ellis has been working as a consultant with the Roundhouse in recent years to support our organisational development including our diversity and inclusion strategy. She is currently working with us to develop best practice leadership and to foster a culture of creativity and innovation alongside a consistent and supportive approach to management. Caroline recently facilitated our Trustees away day which was focussed around performance, inclusion and our approach to diversity.
Caroline is a wonderful person to work with – professional, insightful, experienced, personable and highly communicative. All her work with the Roundhouse has been championed at all levels as being useful, easy to understand, challenging in a good way, leading to better results and thought provoking. Caroline creates a culture where participants in programmes feel able to talk and be heard without judgement and when dealing with subjects such as diversity, inclusion, leadership and gender this is a great achievement. 
I see the results of her work with us on a day to day basis. The impact has been truly remarkable and I very much look forward to the next stage of our work together, which includes the creation of a new and significant scale youth leadership programme. 
Marcus Davey OBE

Chief Executive & Artistic Director

I got to know Caroline when I attended her insightful, inspiring and energetic social change leaders summit for outstanding women from all backgrounds. Her ability to bring people together and enable them to connect on a professional, emotional, intellectual and personal level is second to none. She clearly has a deep understanding of how networks are created, at the same time as equipping people to lead within them. Her advice has stayed with me ever since.

Dolly Theis

Director of 50:50 Parliament's #AskHerToStand campaign

In almost 20 years of attending leadership training and development events,I can honestly say that this was one of the most valuable to me personally and that was specifically due to the presence, the leadership and inspirational contribution of Caroline throughout.

Elsa Fantini

Sourcing Relationship and Programme Manager, Standard Life Investments

Caroline’s work with us in Cambridge was eye-opening. I registered for the peer-coaching sessions without particularly high expectations but I found it to be an exciting and challenging experience, as well as a very valuable source of ideas and techniques which I want to pass on to others within the University. Caroline was the ideal person to run these sessions: open, authentic and totally capable. Our group (all senior women at the University of Cambridge, academic and academic-related staff) was opinionated and animated, and the atmosphere became intense at times – I think Caroline somehow fed this energy back to us in a way that meant it was constructively channelled, without ever being directive herself. Working with groups of academics is notoriously hard, and I was extremely impressed.

Professor Ann Copestake

Deputy Head of Department, Professor of Computational Linguistics, University of Cambridge

It is clear that Caroline demonstrates sound judgment with her decision making and also dealing with managing political situations. Her ability to navigate through complex stakeholder relationships internally and externally across organisations is a key strength I have observed and allows her to be increasingly effective.

David Marsden

Senior HR Business Partner, Capital Markets HR, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Banking Group