I believe every person has the capacity to transform their world, in small, significant and extraordinary ways. I don’t think we should wait for others to make change happen. I am known as a leader who stands up for what I believe in, who empowers people to be themselves and who inspires others to step up and change things for the better.

I have over 15 years experience as a senior leader, gained whilst running my own successful health, wellbeing and social inclusion businesses and as Senior Director at Stonewall. Success in both consultancy and organisational leadership has required an incredibly nimble, flexible and business-minded approach, supported by an acute sense of my responsibility to role model and develop an inclusive and enabling way of working. I thrive on challenge, am at my best leading collaborative teams and have experience of working with a vast range of organisations, across all sectors and communities.

She helps us to think deep and plan action every time. No self-satisfied regurgitated leadership drivel here.

Jo Welch

Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Creative Skillset